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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Coca-Cola Placement Paper 2011

  • Thursday, May 17, 2012
  • Krishna Mohan Roy
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  • Coca-Cola Placement Papers 2011.
    Here you will find Coca Cola Placement Paper - I with Answers and Solutions

    Company      :-     Coca-Cola
    Category      :-     Placement Papers.
    Location       :-     Mumbai.

    Coca Cola Placement Paper :-

    1. Regulations that arise to ensure that firms take responsibility for the social costs of their products or production processes stem from which reason for government legislation of business?

    (a) To protect companies from each other
    (b) To protect consumers from unfair business practices
    (c) To protect the interests of society
    (d) To protect businesses from unfair consumer demands

    Ans :   C

    2. A "three-day cooling off period" in which buyers can cancel a contract after re-thinking it is to protect the consumer from:

    (a) creative selling (b) high pressure selling (c) detail selling (d) hard core selling

    Ans :   B

    3. One of the most promising developments in multivariable segmentation is called _____ where a host of demographic and socioeconomic factors are used

    (a) terragraphic segmentation (b) fermagraphic segmentation (c) geothermy segmentation (d) geodemographic segmentation

    Ans :   D

    4. One of the most common problems with using internal database information is that :

    (a) since it was probably collected for some other purpose, it may be incomplete or wrong.
    (b) it is usually expensive to retrieve.
    (c) top executives are usually unwilling to relinquish data, therefore, the data has limits.
    (d) the data is almost always unsecured and therefore, suspect as to reliability

    Ans :   A

    5. The last stage in the selling process is the _____ stage.

    (a) approach (b) handling objections (c) closing (d) follow-up

    Ans :   D

    6. When Coca-Cola and Nestle formed a joint venture to market a ready-to-drink coffee and tea worldwide, the type of marketing system that was formed would best be described as being a(n):

    (a) vertical marketing system (b) parallel marketing system
    (c) diversified marketing system (d) horizontal marketing system

    Ans :   D

    7. The major advantage of survey research is its :

    (a) simplicity (b) structure (c) organization (d) flexibility

    Ans :   D

    8. The _____ holds that consumers will favor products that are available and highly affordable (therefore, work on improving production and distribution efficiency)

    (a) product concept (b) production concept (c) production cost expansion concept (d) marketing concept

    Ans :   B

    9. A ____ is any activity or benefit offered for sale that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything

    (a) demand (b) basic staple (c) product (d) service

    Ans :   D

    10. _____ is a person's distinguishing psychological characteristics that lead to relatively consistent and lasting responses to his or her own environment

    (a) Psychographics (b) Personality (c) Demographics (d) Lifestyle

    Ans :   B

    11. The place in the business buying behavior model where interpersonal and individual influence might interact is called the

    (a) environment (b) response (c) stimuli (d) buying center

    Ans :   D

    12. The course of a product's sales and profits over its lifetime is called

    (a) the sales chart (b) the dynamic growth curve (c) the adoption cycle (d) the product life cycle

    Ans :   D

    13. When companies make marketing decisions by considering consumer's wants and the long-run interests of the company, consumer, and the general population, they are practicing which of the following principles?

    (a) Innovative marketing (b) Consumer-oriented marketing (c) Value marketing (d) Societal marketing

    Ans :   D

    14. All of the following are thought to be sources if new product ideas EXCEPT.

    (a) internal sources (b) customers (c) competitors (d) the local library

    Ans :   D

    15. If Honda uses its company name to cover such different products as its automobiles, lawn mowers, and motorcycles, it is practicing which of the following strategies?

    (a) new brand strategy (b) line extension strategy
    (c) multibrand strategy (d) brand extension strategy

    Ans :   D

    16. If a company (considering its options on the product/market expansion grid) chooses to move into different unrelated fields (from what it has ever done before) with new products as a means to stimulate growth, the company would be following which of the following general strategies?

    (a) market penetration (b) market development
    (c) product development (d) diversification

    Ans :   D

    17. When a marketing research organization chooses a segment of the population that represents the population as a whole, they have chosen a _____

    (a) group (b) bi-variant population (c) sample (d) market target

    Ans :   C

    18. Joining with foreign companies to produce or market products and services is called

    (a) direct exporting (b) indirect exporting (c) licensing (d) joint venturing

    Ans :   D

     If advertising constantly sends out messages about materialism, sex, power, and status, which of the following categories of social criticism most closely matches this problem?

    (a) Too much advertising (b) Too few social goods
    (c) Cultural pollution (d) Too much political power

    Ans :   C

    20. A(n) ____ is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these that identifies the marker or seller of a product or service.

    (a) product feature (b) sponsorship (c) brand (d) logo

    Ans :   C

    21. What is difference between sales and marketing?    

    22. What is viscosity of fluid and what is the viscosity of grease and lubricating oil           

    23. What are 4p's of marketing.     

    24. What is retail.            

    25. What is market research.

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