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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Mahindra Satyam Placement Paper Whole-Testpaper Latest (2012-2013)

  • Tuesday, December 11, 2012
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  • mahindra satyam placement papers

    Direction: Three words are given in each question below, which have something in common among themselves. choose one out of the four given alternatives, which mention the quality common to the three given words...

    1.Wheat : Barley : Rice

    a )food
    b) Agriculture
    c) Grams
    d) cereals
    Ans. Cereals
    2. Vollyball : Hockey : football

    a) Athlets
    b) Games
    c) Baseball
    d) Aquatics
    Ans. Games
    Complete the Sentence with suitable words.

    3.CIRCLE is related to RICELC in the same way SQUARE iis related to .......................

    a) QSUERA
    b) QUSERA
    c) UQSAER
    d) UQSERA
    Ans. UQSERA
    4. In a certain code REGISTRY is written as VAKEWPVU.How will ENTRY be written in the same code?

    a) IJXNC
    b) ARPVW
    c) ARPVU
    d) IJXMC

    5.In each of the following series determine the order of the letters. Then from the given options select the one which will complete the given series.


    a) DRV
    b) DSW
    c) DQW
    d) DQV

    6.Complete the Series 0.5,1.5,4.5,13.5,?

    7.The aspiring participant’s performance in the extempore all but __ any hope he may have had of winning the competition.
    a) Guarantees
    b) Fulfilled
    c) Endorse
    d) Nullifies
    e) Accentuates
    8. The success of the start up company __ his expectations; he never thought that his company would prosper.
    a) Nullified
    b) Belied
    c) Confirmed
    d) Ratified
    e) Fulfilled

    9.Your __ tactics may compel me to cancel the contract as the job must be finished on time.

    a) Conspicuous
    b) Dilatory
    c) Offensive
    d) Miser
    e) Affluent

    10.Because of his inherent _ , Tom steered clear of any job that he suspected could turn out to be a travail.
    a) Indolence
    b) Stinginess
    c) Insolence
    d) Eminence
    e) Impudence

    11.Choose the correct Antonym out of the five given alternatives against each of the following words :

    a. horizontal
    b) litigious
    c) constant
    d) lowly
    e) perishable


    a) Refined
    b) Fixed
    c) Careless
    d) Exalt

    13. ASSUAGE :
    a) pillory
    b) satiate
    c) blandish
    d) ameliorate
    e) provoke
    14.Which of the following would always divide a six digit number of the form ababab?
    A. 10001
    B. 11111
    C. 10101
    D. 10111
    15.How many three digit odd numbers can be formed from the digits 2,0,5,9 and 7?
    a) 60
    b) 75
    c) 20
    e) 30

    Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.
    i) P,Q,R,S,T, and U are six member in a family in which there are two married couples.
    ii) T, a teacher is married to the doctor who is mother of R and U.
    iiii) Q, the lawyer is married to P.
    iv) P has one son and one grandson.
    v) of the two married ladies one is housewife.
    vi) There is also one student and one male engineer in the family.

    16.How P is related to R.
    a) grandfather
    b) mother
    c) sister
    d) grandmother

    17.Who among the following is the housewife?
    a) P
    b) Q
    c) S
    d) T

    18.How is R related to U?
    a) brother
    b) sister
    c) brother or sister
    d) data inadequate

    19.Which of the following represents the group of females in the family?
    a) PSR
    b) PSU
    c) QRT
    d) data inadequate

    20.which of the following is true about the grand-father in the family?
    a) she is a lawyer
    b) she is a student
    c) she is an engineer
    d) data inadequate

    Read the paragraph carefully and answer the questions below it.

    High achievers, we often hear, are inevitably hard-driving, obsessed people who bring work home and labour over it until bedtime. Not so, according to Garfield. "Such people tend to peak early", he says,
    "then go into a decline or level off. They become addicted to work itself, with much less concern for results." High performers, in contrast, are willing to work hard but within strict limits. For them, work is not everything.
    When Garfield interviewed top executives in ten major industries, he found that they knew how to relax, could leave their work at the office, prized close friends and family life, and spend a healthy amount of time with their
    children and intimates.

    21 The writer uses the term obsessed for "high achievers" because

    a) They work hard
    b) They bring work home
    c) They are addicted to work without caring for the result
    d) They don't have time to relax

    22 The high performers are successful because

    a) They do not bring work home
    b) They have many friends
    c) They know how to work and relax
    d) Their family members cooperate with them

    23 The difference between high achievers and high performers is that

    a) High performers balance work with pleasure
    b) High performers are unsuccessful in later life
    c) High achievers strike a balance between work and pleasure
    d) High achievers are result-oriented.

    24 Which one of the following brings out the meaning of Garfield's statement?

    a) High achievers are not only hard working but are invariably successful
    b) High achievers are concerned only with results
    c) High achievers know the art of relaxing
    d) High achievers gain early success but they eventually decline or stop improving

    25 The phrase "level off" means

    a) To improve
    b) To remain steady
    c) To show spectacular improvement
    d) To deteriorate

    26.There are total 15 people. 7 speaks French and 8 speaks Spanish. 3 do not speak any language. Which part of total people speaks both languages.

    Ans: 1/5 many years will a sum of money doubles itself at 5% per annum simple interest?
    a) 29 years
    c) 20 years
    c) 22 years
    d) 21 years
    e) 25 years

    28.A is an integer. Dividing 89 & 125 gives remainders 4 & 6 respectively. Find a ?
    Ans: 17

    29.A is shorter than B but taller than E, D is tallest, C is just shorter than A, who is shortest ?
    a) A
    b) C
    c) E
    d) cannot be determined

    30.The time between 5 and 6 o'clock when two hands of a clock are in same line making angle of 180 degree.

    a) 3 minutes past 5 o'clock
    b) 6 o'clock
    c) 3 2/11 minutes past 5 o'clock
    d) 4 2/11 minutes past 5 o'clock

    31. Find the time between 4 and 5 o'clock when the two hand of clock are 3 minutes spaces apart.

    a) 3 2/11 minutes past 4 o'clock
    b) 18 6/11 minutes past 4 o'clock
    c) 2 2/11 minutes past 4 o'clock
    d) 10 2/11 minutes past 4 o'clock

    32. A part of certain sum of money is invested at 9% per annum and the rest at 12% per annum, if the interest earned in each case for the same period is equal, then ratio of the sums invested is?
    a) 3 : 4
    b) 2 : 3
    c) 4 : 3
    d) 3 : 2
    e) 3 : 5

    33.Everyone shakes hands with everyone else in a room. Total number of handshakes is 66. Number of persons=?
    a) 14
    b) 13
    c) 11
    d). 12
    e) 10

    34. The ratio of the ages of A and B is 9:5. After 8 years B would reach the present age of A. Find the present ages of B and A respectively.
    a)9, 5
    b)10, 18
    c)18, 10
    d) 5, 9
    e) 5, 7
    35.If all the directions are changed in the manner that North becomes south and vice versa,then North-West will be :

    a) South - East
    b) North - East
    c) South - West
    d) None of the above

    Technical interview Round

    The technical part of the aptitude test paper is same for all disciplines of engineering questions. For the technical interview round they mostly ask questions about your area of specialization. If you have an IT background they may ask questions from basic c++, Java, Software engineering, Data structure, DBMS, RDBMS, basic of computer hardware and on similar topics.

    HR Interview round
    In the HR interview round they test your patience and stress level. In this round the main focus remains on communication skill, behavior and confidence.
    The HR interview is usually started with questions on family background , project and area of specialization. All the questions as usual.

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