Written Test : 25 Questions(1 hour) No negative mark.

a) 5 Questions based on reasoning

The Questions like that:

If a word RESULT is represented as 346751 and CAM E is represented as 4651 not the same like this one

If word MANAGER represents as AAEGMNR then wat should SANDEEP represents not the same, like this one

problem on streams

and 2 more easy questions easy one , u can mark by seeing them

b) 5 questions based on % problems

Ravi's salary was reduced by 25%percentage increase to be effected to bring the salary to the original level is

c) 5 questions based on general knowledge

d) 5 questions based on verbal

It is very easy one total 5 questions r there , some are spelling corrections , some antonyms and synonyms, easy ones , i didn't remember da questions

e) 5 questions based on c programming , given 5 programs we have to write output of the programs

All the remaining rounds are common i.e GD, tech1, tech+hr all are depending upon ur resume.