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Friday, June 8, 2012


IBM Interview Process and Questions at Hyderabad, February 11, 2012

  • Friday, June 8, 2012
  • Ravva Vamsi
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    IBM Interview Process and Questions at Hyderabad, February 11, 2012

    Its  a 2days process 
    on first day they have taken written test and english test
    2nd day followed by GD,technical and project developemnt round 

    Its an online test called as IPAT test  each question has 2.15sec timelimit first 15 questions completely on number series only .we can clear easily if we have practise    on number series after 15 question session gets close and next same pattern continues with change of questions on percentages,ratios,probability ,areas.....lot practise requires to clear this session as each question will be tricky and time taking to solve

    Its jus a 15 min test they will give one paragraph from that we need to write an email to the client in jus 6lines .salutation is most important in the email writing ..if we give clear saluation we can clear the round easily  . but many participants gone in this round only by doing silly mistakes like writing as thanking you as we write in letter writing ....remember its an email writing

    In our room we are 15 participants and has given the topic ROLE OF WOMEN IN DEVELOPEMNT and has given 2min time to think the points and 15 minutes time to speak among us and given each participant one minute for summary ..
    NOTE:speak confidently and fluently thast enough to clear this round .

    This was my fav round ..HR was so friendly 
    SP:gud afternoon sir 
    HR:gud afternoon,take ur seat
    SP:thank u
    HR:tell  abt urself 
    SP:tld..jus tell ur name ,father name ,location,schoolng ,graduation,family background,hobbies,strenghts
    HR:write a program on multiplication of 3 numbers using C or java 
    SP:i have written and shown output too
    HR:write syntax on bubble sort or insertion sert
    SP:can i write  on bubble sort sir .
    HR:okay as ur wish..
    SP: explained each and every line and how it  get sorts u have an idea on  javascript?
    SP:yes sir ..(as i mentioned in resume he asked )
    HR :y we use javascript?
    SP:its for validation
    HR: okay then take an example  and show the validation
    SP:i have written on ALERT msg box
    HR:  asked one puzzle  like cut the cake into nine pieces using 3 cuts 
    SP: i tried max to cut into 9 but got 6 only 
    HR:smiled  and said to leave .

    Covered topics on java in deep ,and asked my fav subject i said OS ..asked questions on it .what is assembly language.machine laguage,difference between them?,what is JVM?
    about my final project?
    usefulness of it?
    C,C++ etc.

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