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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Motorola recruitment process

  • Saturday, March 2, 2013
  • kutty
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    Motorola recruitment process consists:
    a.Pre placement Talk
    b.written Test
    c.Face to Face Interview(Technical and HR Interview)
    d.Telephonic Interview

    a. Motorola Pre-Placement Talk:

    The presentation was short and sweet. They screened a really stylish video of their products and their working culture. This was followed by a very small set of slides which included their package.

    Points to remember:

    • Listen the PPT Carefully
    • About the company and their culture
    • About their products
    • In the interview (Tech and HR Telephonic) they are asking questions based on PPT
    • What do you know about our company
    • what do you want to join our company like that questions......

    b.Written Test:

    In written Test consists Technical and aptitude
    Time limit 1 or 45 Minutes
    No negative marking
    Mainly concentrate your core subjects
    There were separate sets of questions for Electronics and Computer Science streams.
    For computer science students, the questions were spread across all areas including OS, Data Structures, C/C++, Networking, Aptitude (Logical and Quant)(Very few questions).

    c.Face to Face Interview:
    In face to face Interview consists Technical and HR Interview
    In Technical Interview they are asking mainly tested all technical aspects of the candidate.
    There was a personal touch to the questions as what you are asked depended on the content of your resume
    about your project

    d.Telephonic Interview:
    They will ask you general questions such as your hobbies, your goals in life etc etc
    This is just to judge your communication skills

    A telephone interview is nothing more than a sniff test to judge whether or not you are worthy of an on-site interview.
    Companies do this to save time and money as sometimes candidates prepare eye-popping resumes, but can't communicate worth a darn.
    Poor communication skills and lack of enthusiasm are the top two reasons people aren't hired.
    It's impossible for companies to know if you have these attributes just from reading your resume. But in 5 minutes a good interviewer can pretty much zero in on this.

    Phone interviews typically last 20-30 minutes. Usually the HR manager or an HR specialist will call you, but sometimes the hiring manager will call.

    On rare occasions, you will have a teleconference with HR and the department manager.

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